Kicking It Into High Gear: 5 Best Dating Tips for Women

To say the dating scene is full of potential blunders is an understatement. When dating, it appears as if you can do something wrong at any time. Worse, the guy you’re interested in might never say anything about what you’re doing wrong, giving you the opportunity to dig a deeper hole. What you truly need are some women’s dating tips that will keep you on track.

First and foremost, forget about your ex. Doesn’t it appear to be simple? It’s one of the most important dating guidelines, and everyone is aware of it. In principle, this is true, but in practise, exes come up far too frequently in conversation. This advice is especially useful for earlier dates.

The difficulty is that if you say something terrible about your ex, your date will think you’re pessimistic and wonder what you’ll say about him. If you say something nice about your ex, on the other hand, your date will question if you still have feelings for her. In any case, bringing up your ex will make you appear bad, so don’t do it. You’ll be OK if you keep your focus on the person you’re with.
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Second dating tip: Don’t be a phoney. I’ll tell you a little secret: guys are quite straightforward. Guys, on the other hand, despise phoniness. Be true to yourself. It will make you uncomfortable to pretend to be someone you aren’t, and this will manifest in various ways. What happens if everything goes well? You can’t live a lie for the rest of your life. Allow the guy to appreciate you for who you are.

3rd Dating Tip: Take it Slowly! Men and women are distinct individuals with distinct goals. On the first or second date, many women fall into the trap of talking about wanting a family and a long-term relationship without even realising it. While this isn’t always the case, most men are terrified and prefer to go with the flow. Allow time to adjust and ease into it.

4th Dating Tip: Don’t dismiss compliments. This is another one of those perplexing dating advice for women. This is what happens: the guy says something nice, and she immediately responds with a counter-compliment. When he compliments you on your shirt, you point out the minuscule stain that your dry cleaned overlooked, or you explain that it’s just an old item you tossed on. This isn’t a smart move. Instead, be courteous and say “thank you” with a smile.

5th Dating Tip: Don’t be afraid to express yourself. On this one, perhaps some clarification is in order. It just indicates that it is acceptable to express your viewpoint. Some dating advice for women suggests that you should just agree with whatever position your date holds. Forget about it! Nobody agrees on everything, and a lot of males desire someone with whom they can have genuine discussions. Don’t get into a fight, and don’t be nasty, but feel free to express your thoughts.

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